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Welcome post

[sticky post] September 13th, 2015 (04:49 pm)

mood: relaxed
song: Jevetta Steele - Calling you

How nice, you've discovered my ship's chest! I've stored some adult slash_fiction, some smutty fanart, some fun stuff and left a few mostly f-locked log entries here, among other things. Have a good rummage if you want to. :) And btw: I take credit for my original plots and art, but make no claims on the original characters that my fanworks depict and make no money from them either.

If you find that we have interests and fandoms in common, feel free to comment and/or add me as your friend. You can also take a look at my post of friending memes and ask me questions there. I might have added you as my friend without commenting on your journal. That is a compliment, please forgive me ;)

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Indecent exposure in northern Norway...

April 21st, 2014 (07:33 pm)

mood: happy
song: Vømmøl spelemannslag - Litjkarn

I have registered time and again that Norwegians have a somewhat different view on the body, bodily functions, mature ratings and what's regarded publicly indecent than some other parts of the world that we like to compare ourselves to. Today I came over an especially telling example in Harstad Tidende (~ "Harstad Times").

Translation by me:
"A woman from Harstad in her 50's had an unexpected visit around half past ten Saturday night. She was preparing for an evening out on town when her doorbell rang. (...) So I opened the door, and there was a stark naked man wearing only Jesus-sandals. I was flabbergasted. It was cold outside! So I said to him: "But you poor, dear man, are you completely naked? Aren't you freezing?" - But he didn't say a word. He just smiled. (...) And his ding-a-ling was only three centimeters long. It was cold, so he was totally wrinkled in on himself, she explains about the anatomical particulars the man had to offer."

Original text:
"Ei harstadkvinne i 50-årene fikk uventet besøk i halv ellevetiden lørdag kveld. Hun sto og pyntet seg for å dra ut på byen, da det ringte på døra. (...) Så jeg åpnet døra, og der sto det en splitter naken mann med kun Jesus-sandaler på. Jeg ble helt forfær. Det var jo kaldt. Så jeg sa til ham: «Men kjære snille mann, står du her heilt naken. Frys du ikkje?» – Men han sa ikke et ord. Han bare smilte. (...) – Og darrisen var bare tre centimeter. Det var jo kaldt, så han var helt innsnørpa, forklarer hun om de anatomiske detaljer mannen hadde å by på."  -


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True Detective SQUEEEEE!

April 19th, 2014 (07:49 pm)

mood: giddy
song: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five

God I LOVE True Detective! I'm eating that up, sitting upright, neck tendons so tight I've got to shake myself loose between episodes. I'm in the middle of the season so far and I don't even care who the killer is, because it's obviously NATURE, Human Nature in the Rural Jungle! NOIR <3333333333333333! Besides Harrelson and McConaughey... Le SIGH.

But, where are the fans? Is this really tumblr-food? Are there LJ or DW comms for it? Do you know? Please?

I've found:
and singel fanfic here on LJ and elsewhere so far, but I want a comm. too. *~*

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Yay! Now you can see what "Koe's House of Recommended Slash Fiction" really looks like!

April 18th, 2014 (02:23 am)

mood: exhausted
song: Tom Waits - What's He Building In There

Some of you know of my "House of Recommended Slash Fiction" already (which I have explained a bit about in English here). And today I've made a huge upgrade on it: a visual map! Enjoy!

And now I can find the courage to add the dozen new stories I need to add, AND do a thorough link-check and -upgrade. Phew!

Alas; LiveJournal won't allow my neat mapping here, so you have to try it on in stead. *shakes fist at LJ*

Oh, lets not forget: Most recommended stories are in English!
1. An Entrance – A humorous introduction to slash fiction.
2. A Cosy Kitchen – Stories that love daylight. There might be surprises in the corners, but the stories should all leave you with a smile on your face.
3. An Alternative Living Room – Where alternative living plays a big role in the stories’ universes.
4. A Tool Shed for Real Men – Tough stories for tough readers.
5. A Bathroom With Glaring Lights – The place to go to for angsty introspection.
6. A Bedroom – No stories here, just skeletons of lost innocence and disgraced childhood heroes.
7. A Tower With a Spiraling Staircase – Enter fairy wonderland and enjoy a journey into pure escapism.
8. – and of course A Locked Room In The Basement – Where nobody can hear you scream…

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April 17th, 2014 (02:22 am)

Listen to these two songs:

Island's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014; Pollapönk's "No Predjudice":

J. Geils Band - Centerfold (1981):

If you don't immediately get what I'm getting, compare "No Predjudice" from 2:10 and out with "Centerfold" from 2:47 and out. Agree?

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"I'm looking at the back of your head but I'm speaking to the front of your face"

I'm stealing these from verdande_mi, just because I need to keep tabs on them. ETA: Belatedly, WARNING: NSFmost-not-NorwegianW, if the titles didn't tip you off.

Original Sherlock parody - Oklahomo [HD]

New Sherlock parody - Mind Phallus

«In the BBC series, Sherlock Holmes retreats into his mind palace to solve mysteries. In this spoof on the show, he enters his mind phallus, with all its implications» (...) «Vidar Magnussen, who plays Sherlock, had been nagging co-actor Bjarte Tjøstheim for a long time that he looked exactly like Dr. Watson in the BBC series. We soon realised this was parody material» -

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March 16th, 2014 (02:45 am)

mood: giddy
song: Egner - Her kommer Ole Brumm


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Happy International Women's Day!

March 8th, 2014 (05:31 pm)

mood: hopeful
song: Nøkken - Like før isen går

That&amp;amp;amp;#39;s how
Happy Women's Day, everyone!

ETA: If you like you can (re-)visit my "Females in Black and White" picspam, for more awesome females. ;)

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March 3rd, 2014 (05:41 pm)

mood: bouncy
song: Kate Perry - Roar

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Trailer Park Boys & headcanon

February 22nd, 2014 (10:46 pm)

mood: happy
song: Bill Medley - The Time Of My Life

A couple of you might have noticed that I mentioned the Canadian TV-series Trailer Park Boys in my humongous list of fandoms. If you haven't seen it, but like dark and dirty humor like me, do check it out!

Below is my personal headcanon. It contains spoilers and as we all know, headcanon can be contagious, so don't feel like you need to read this. I'm writing it down mostly for my own sake. But feel free to discuss it with me if you like (please do!). :)

My TPB OTP started in jail (yay: jailslash!), with Ricky and Julian seeking comfort in each other's arms (besides experimenting in their teens, of course). Then, as Lucy and Ricky's relationship goes off and on and off again etc., Julian has a warm and comfy bed to save Ricky from sleeping in the "Shitmobile" for too long at a time. Their relationship isn't openly acknowledged by neither themselves nor the surroundings, but everyone do know anyway of course, and take it in stride. It is mostly hidden from the documenting camera crew though, just as several other "secret" relationships in the series.

Happily for me, many of the TPB fanfic on AO3 fit nicely with this exact headcanon. I also have an intense urge to tinhat at this ship, as I fail to see evidence that it doesn't exist for real in the series. And I'll keep my blind spot here, thank you, as it is both incredibly sweet and dear to me. :D

Bonus canon: Julian is able to both top and bottom with rum & coke in hand. As long as you don't call him Swayze.

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reminder :)

February 8th, 2014 (11:25 pm)

mood: silly
song: Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

Fullmetal Alchemist first anime: Episode 2 rewatch tonight at 9PM EST here: fma_rewatch

I'm already in a silly mood tonight. How promising... :P

See you in the chat! :)

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Paint the Russian map in rainbow colors!

February 7th, 2014 (10:06 am)

mood: awake
song: Kate Bush - Babooshka

To Russia With Love

Say no to abuse of basic human rights! Let's paint Russia in Rainbow colours and tell Putin the world supports equality!
We're inviting people all over the world to show their support. Visit

So far more than 36.000 people have shown their support. (No log in required.)

More about the campaign (in English):
Campaign by Amnesty International and Dagbladet.

ETA: Also check out Google's appropriate logo today: "Winter Olympics 2014" in rainbow colors! \o/

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log entry 13. january - belatedly Happy New Year, from the darkest corner of the world

January 13th, 2014 (06:46 pm)

mood: peaceful
song: Arvid Hanssen - Kom sommarvijn

Happy New Year and congratulations on surviving the recent festivities one more time! Here I'm busy with RL and work (hence little posting and commenting lately). I hope you all are fine and having a good year so far. I am, but it is seriously dark here at the moment: right before the sun comes back to us after having stayed away since early December. But why wait for enlightenment? :)

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Naughty, naughty...

December 24th, 2013 (12:55 pm)

mood: silly

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In February I didn't flush (-1 points). In November I helped velvet_mace hide a body (-173 points). Last week I bought porn for beatonna (-10 points). In March I set amethyst_koneko's puppy on fire (-66 points). In January I broke colonel_bastard's X-Box (-12 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-262 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

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The Nightmare Before Christmas - Kidnap the Sandy Claws HQ

December 23rd, 2013 (11:50 pm)

mood: awake

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December 22nd, 2013 (11:07 pm)

mood: tired
song: Slæpp mæ laus

I'm sorry English friends, but I need to share some poetry with my Scandnavian friends here.

I Vesterålen finnes det et genialt lite band som heter Løkbrød. De har gitt ut noen CD-er og lagt ut en del låter på nett, og deler nå også av sin helt særegne form for poesi. Nyt teksten her, og hør låten der: Løkbrød: Øresnop.
Slæpp mæ lausCollapse )
Håper det var godt for deg også. Andre favoritter: Hold kjæft!, Sett nerri fjæra og ser på en ræv, Dette er en trikk... Oaa!
ETA: Ack, here's an unbetaed translation by me (yes, the grammar is wonky in the original too):
Let Me OutCollapse )

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Nuts for Christmas

December 15th, 2013 (04:36 am)

mood: creative
song: Dinglebjeller

Poll #1948072 Tough Choices
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Who do YOU choose?

View Answers
David Bowie
5 (45.5%)
Tim Curry
6 (54.5%)

What is the question?

No use peeking...Collapse )

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A-hee-ahee ha-hee! - or - LJ userpic troubles

December 1st, 2013 (08:11 pm)

mood: weird
song: X-Files Theme Song

I'm alive, just not so much here right now (Christmas is over us...) I do have a new icon though, and happy with it. I made it out of ginger bread, icing and fruit jellies:

Buuuut, when I try to add it as an LJ user icon/avatar, I'm forwarded to a truly crappy image editing page, where it seems gif isn't an option. Am I missing something? I can't find anything on the support pages regarding this either, but we have had a recent release... Could some of you try and see if you can upload a gif as an icon, please?

ETA: Aaargh! I found the answer: it's too big. Doesn't work to index the colors either, it got bigger. What to do...

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Recipe for one sculpted cherub - cooking for the smutty-minded

November 13th, 2013 (12:43 am)
Tags: ,

mood: dirty
song: Tom Waits - All Stripped Down

You need one - 1 - nice and NSFW LJ picspam from men_flesh: "Happy birthday cellboy!" (F-locked. Join for fresh buns weekly!)
Add one - 1 - vintage angel scrap (from original by Raphael, which fits nicely).

Stir and cook in your preferred photo editing program...Voilá! (safe for work)Collapse )

Enjoy your baked goods! Mhm-mmh!

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Norwegian RPS - Gledestårer elsker ertende blikk

November 9th, 2013 (11:45 pm)

mood: happy
song: Silya - Sucka

Tittel: Gledestårer elsker ertende blikk
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Real Person Slash
Lengde: Ca 400 ord.
Fandom: Norsk musikk-kjendis-RPF, NRK Lydverket.
Spleis: Silje Nymoen (Silya)/Mona B. Riise.
Tagger: Gen, AU, søtsuppe, hjertesorg, happy ending, femslash.
Pekepinn: Fra full oppløsning til skjønn forening.
Lenker: På / På AO3.

Forfatterens kommentar: Tenkt stemningsbilde fra timene etter finalen og seieren i NRKs “Stjernekamp 2013″. RPF og selvfølgelig rein fantasi skrevet bare for moro skyld. ;D Dessuten: min første femslash!

ETA: Æh, jeg må bare ta med det beste innslaget også:

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F!S Friending Meme

November 2nd, 2013 (07:27 pm)

mood: tired
song: Jan Teigen - Mil etter mil

Fandomsecrets have a friending meme going atm.: F!S Friending Meme XIV
No need to let the crickets and cob-webs take over your f-list, in other words. (I'm there too, so you won't be alone.)

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Halloween Wellness Kit for the Everyday Heroine

October 29th, 2013 (09:05 am)

mood: high
song: A. R. Rahman - Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint

Dress up in style: Take Back Halloween - A costume guide for women with imagination!
You've got to check this site out. Their designs are wonderful AND perfectly manageable for normal people. And pretty! And educational w/zest! Kid and I are going for best costumes this year, just you wait and see. :D

And for the late Halloween evening, when you have a fire going in the fireplace and your looted goods spread out before you; a nice read to add to the perfection - the latest issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang - no. 45: Masquerade. Quote:

"Masquerade! Burning kisses, turning heads
Masquerade! Come next time, wear a mask -- we won't expose you
Masquerade! Stealing moments, weaving spells
Masquerade! Leave a note for the ones whose works appease you
Masquerade! Telling stories ending well
Masquerade! Editors (yours) are ever glad to please you"

IIIIH! ^________^

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Bloody beautiful!

October 22nd, 2013 (10:34 pm)

mood: giggly
song: Period Piece

Enjoy a cheerful tune on a dreary Tuesday evening:

I think I'm adopting "Shark Week". Sounds pretty accurate. XDDD

ETA: Since I'm in the process of posting meaningless fun, and already have presented you with a beauty, how about a beast to boot? A warning though: this is offensive. Vaguely safe for work and funny as hell, but also very, very offensive in words and visuals. And who said punk was dead? Frank Zappa i laughing his ass of in another realm, I'm sure of it.

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Banya - or - the Russian bath

October 13th, 2013 (08:59 pm)

mood: relaxed
song: Podmoskovnyje Vetjera (Moscow Nights)


Banya or banja (Russian: баня [ˈbanʲə]; Macedonian: бања [ˈbaɲa]; Serbian: бања [ˈbâɲa]) can refer to a number of types of steam baths popular in Eastern Europe. In Russia, it refers to a particular local type of sauna.

Banya etiquette w/vintage picspam (NSFW)Collapse )

Text quoted from and Pictures from Wikipedia and more.
X-posted to boy_touching and epslash.

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Ylvis meets Big Boy - hairdresser extraordinaire

October 10th, 2013 (12:06 am)
mood: Yakety Sax

Oh god, oh god, I had forgotten this video! (But I KNEW there was some kind of reason why I started shipping them.) It's follow ut time for the tiny, but lively Ylvis fandom! THANK YOU, megselv! *kisses you once more*

This wonderful gem of a video: "Norges Herligste: Big Boy", in the best Paris Hilton tradition, is practically a PWP in itself. Let's see... *counts on fingers* ...ahem: famous brothers, huge-ass dom, a dungeon, mankinis, numerous fun toys, a sex-swing, huge dildoes, mega huge dildoes, brothers hunting each other with the cat o' nine tails... there is much, much more but I'm too distracted (and laughing my ass off) right now to manage sensible lists. Just enjoy!

(And don't worry: no need to understand much Norwegian to get the point, no.) Also probably not safe for most workplaces, even if no-one gets impregnated or anything (I think).

ETA: And since this must have been rippling through my subconscious for some time, I'm wondering if Big Boy is the same man that I have portrayed in my Varg Veum fanfic "Fioler er blå"? No way this is coincidental.
ETAII: Now with English subtitles!

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LJ's site policy regarding gay/slash content

October 9th, 2013 (12:59 am)

mood: relieved
song: Ugress - Swing E Sesso

markf from LJ-staff clears the air. Quite a relief too, I must say. :)

"Since some concerns about Russians overtaking the site's policy have been raised, I think it's worth clarifying a few things. All content policy issues are handled by people in the U.S. Any admin tools that can be used to restrict access to content on the site are not accessible to anyone in Russia. LiveJournal's datacenter is in the U.S., not Russia. Russian law does not dictate our site policies. The extent to which the Russian government has affected site content is that we do disable access to certain entries to people who are in Russia; when this happens, we display a message that this content is inaccessible within their region." - read the whole comment on

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Taking measures

October 7th, 2013 (01:37 am)

mood: aggravated

LJ being LJ and: "Livejournal is apparently "cracking down" on anyone who posts slash fic on this site" - from nochick_fics post here, thanks nochick_fics,

I'll just mention that I'm
Koe at my Norwegian site
Koe at Archive of Our Own
eve_n_furter over at Dreamwidth (for backup purposes for now)
(and - lo and behold - KoeSkriver at Have only used that account to post one single fic though, that was enough for me.)
I'm also in the process of backing up my communities nordic_noir and nordic_fan_news to Dreamwidth.
Feel free to follow me wherever, and I will follow back (when I notice).

And as I have said elsewhere: If they push this through, it'll be the final nail in the coffin for fandom on LJ. Sad stuff. I have been afraid of this, but resonated that taking my slash and leave would be playing into the Russian government's hands, something I don't want to do voluntarily. So for now, I'll wait it out, while keeping thoroughly backed up.

But gosh, so much invested time and work is threatened. I also mod a couple of comms. and shiver at the thought of migrating them to DW. It's not only importing the content, but also all the pointers from elsewhere. Uah!

Damn you, Putin! Let's laugh at him while we can: "25 Very Important Pieces Of Vladimir Putin Fan Art" This gallery also features works by my dear f-lister strangeh! Go you! (And here's my little contribution.)

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A Fullmetal Alchemist Drabble for October 4th: Serve And Protect

Title: Serve And Protect
Characters: Roy Mustang, Edward Elric
Tags: Gen, Humor, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Bad Eating Habits, Crack.
Summary: "But it's MFC, Colonel!"
Authors note: This drabble was made in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, as the first episode premiered on Japanese television October 4th 2003.
Links: On Koe / On AO3.

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Project don’t.forget.Oct.4

September 30th, 2013 (05:07 pm)

mood: cheerful

Signal boost! (In anotherfmafan's words): "I am assuming everyone has heard, but if not, here is a post from tumblr (thank you, dragonimp*) about celebrating the FMA anime's anniversary on October 4th. Write a fic, do a fic recording, draw a picture, make an AMV, do whatever you want! So many ways to enjoy FMA:A!"

There's still time to prepare! Let's make it an FMA day to be noticed!

ETA: For people not in the know, FMA is Fullmetal Alchemist: a loooooong running (2001~2010) manga and anime series that had and have a big and active fandom here at LJ. My post above concerns the original anime series and is a shout-out for people to make fanworks for upcoming anniversaries for the fandom (October 4th, 2003 is the day the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist aired in the US and October 3rd is a memorial for the franchise as a whole). I myself is primarily a manga fan (which was what I could get my Norwegian mittens on), but the general activity on the FMA boards have decreased so much that I applaud all FMA initiatives, besides I have many good friends that are huge 1. anime fans, so I support this with all my heart. Besides, I think the similarities between the manga, the two series and the movies are more important than the differences, so why discriminate? *ducks rotten tomatoes*

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September 20th, 2013 (12:13 am)

mood: bouncy
song: Palle Mikkelborg - Boy Thread Lightly

I've just entered an Inspector Lewis haiku competition with my very juvenile attempts at haiku. Being esl and all, well... But it IS fun to try something new and to use words like puzzle pieces. So now I've made one for my icon here:

A mighty boom:
wildly the floe splits open.
Pieces left apart.

BUT! This post is not just to torment you with my artistic aspirations, it is also a challenge: I hereby invite you to write your own haiku to a favorite icon of yours. SO THERE!

"Haiku for dummies" (you'll have to decide for yourself it it helped in my case) is to be found here:

A challenge issued;
words are waiting unwritten.
Spring comes fast.

(Help! I'm smitten!)

Norske versjoner (Norwegian versions)Collapse )

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Ylvis RPS - "Giving a Show"

September 16th, 2013 (03:33 pm)

mood: satisfied
song: Pål sine høner

Many of you have probably heard and seen the YouTube-hit "The Fox" by now. The performers Ylvis is a duo of brothers that have been doing highly successful stage- and TV-shows in Norway since 2000. I have had a few Ylvis-RPS-sketches laying around for a couple of years now, and found that I might as well finish one and post it now that there might be some interest for it. And I have also gotten help from the excellent sexkitten426 with betaing my translation into English. Thank you, Kitten! <333

Title: Giving a Show
Author: Koe/eve_n_furter
Beta: sexkitten426
Genre: Real Person Slash
Length: Ca 2700 words.
Fandom: Ylvis.
Rating: Teen and up.
Pairing: Bård Ylvisåker/Vegard Ylvisåker.
Tags: Alternate Universe, Angst, Bromance, Humor, Incest, Sex, Theatre.
Summary: Damn big brothers; they can never give in.
Links: On / On AO3

Norwegian version: ShowCollapse )

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...and now for something completely different

September 15th, 2013 (05:13 am)

   By Pablo Neruda, from: ‘Memorial de Isla Negra’

And it was at that time... Poetry came
to find me. Don’t know, don’t know from where,
it leapt, winter or the river.
Don’t know how or when
no, not words, not
voices, not silence,
but I was called from the street,
from the branches of the night,
suddenly, from the others,
in violent flames,
or coming back alone,
I, without a face,
it touched me.

I did not know how to say, my mouth
no names,
my eyes
were blind,
and something began in my soul,
fever or lost wings,
and I made it alone,
that fire,
and I wrote the first, vague line,
vague, without a body, pure
pure knowledge,
of he who knows nothing,
and suddenly saw
the sky
and open,
pulsating spaces,
perforated shadows,

with fires, flowers, flights,
the revolving night, the universe.
And I the smallest thing,
made drunk by the great void,
in the image, likeness
of mystery,
felt myself pure part
of abyss,
turned with the starlight,
my heart broken loose in the wind.

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special offer

September 14th, 2013 (04:01 pm)
Tags: ,

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eve_n_furter's extensive list of fandoms and fan-interests

September 12th, 2013 (01:33 am)

mood: excited

Here's a list of my fandom interests. Many are real fandoms and many aren't (as in that they exist as a fandom-of-one in my head only). Don't sweat it, it's mostly for my own reference and I'm mixing important&unimportant. The list will be updated when I remember to do it and there will always be a whole bunch of stuff that I have forgotten to list. It does give some indication to what I like though.

My fandomsCollapse )

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"Show" - Ylvis fanfiction

September 11th, 2013 (03:52 pm)

mood: guilty
song: Haren uti gresset

Ahem. Some of you might have noticed mentions of me having written Ylvis RPS in the comments to my last post. Here it is:

Tittel: Show
Forfatter: Koe/eve_n_furter
Sjanger: Real Person Slash
Lengde: Ca 2600 ord.
Fandom: Ylvis.
Spleis: Bård Ylvisåker/Vegard Ylvisåker.
Tagger: AU, bromance, humor, teater, incest, angst, sex.
Pekepinn: Jækla storebrødre, som aldri kan gi seg.
Lenke: På / på AO3.

As you can see it is in Norwegian for now, but I'm in the process of translating it. And since RPS is dubious enough as is, without esl-ing on top, I will be needing some help from a beta-reader eventually. Anyone up for that?

(If you look at it through some translator to decide, please be aware that that is a harrowing experience all by itself. I might write quirky stuff in quirky ways, but I'm not that stir-crazy.)

ETA: And the English translation is up, here: "Giving a Show": On / On AO3.

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Norwegian elections tonight

September 9th, 2013 (11:39 pm)

mood: awake
song: Ylvis - The Fox

One can say many things about the results so far and what they might mean for the next four years in Norway, but a point worth noticing any which way is that at least three, probably four, of the uppermost top jobs in Norwegian politics will be held by WOMEN for the next four years - a feat in itself - but the really noteworthy part is that none - not ONE - of the political speakers and know-it-alls on TV have mentioned it so far! This fact is not an issue here, in my country! <333 And that is a huge victory in my book, well above what will happen in the next four year period. Thanks for the election, fellow Norwegians!

(For the curious, I'll just say that I didn't vote for any of the three leading parties myself, red or blue. But I did vote, of course!)

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Khaos Komix Kickstarter

September 5th, 2013 (01:21 pm)

mood: relaxed
song: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite

If you, like me, have enjoyed Khaos Komix online, perhaps you would like to know of the Khaos Komix Kickstarter that is running til the end of this month?

Here's the link:

I have read the whole thing for free online and thought this was a good time to support the creator financially. (And yes, of course there are things that could be debated about both the comic and the creator, but he's been diligently updating for years now and that deserves some recognition all by itself. There's lots of good web comic projects started out there, but not too many finished to this level.)

For those of you wondering, Khaos Komix is an adult rated GLBTWTFBBQ Comic that ran from 2009-2012, about gender, romance, sexuality and growing up.

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Fic: Blindgate - Supernatural Wincest, Norwegian

August 18th, 2013 (08:44 pm)

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Yay, me! I've managed to get some writing done today, and it felt great!

The following fic was actually sketched out last year, but I never managed to finish it then. Partly because I'm half afraid of the Supernatural fandom: it has some great writers, but also some of the craziest fans of fandom, ever. Plus it's Cas/Dean who's the main attraction these days and wincest is generally scorned (for good reasons too, but not good enough to stop me, apparently). But, doing it in Norwegian should at least minimize the number of fans getting mad at me personally. ;D

Tittel: Blindgate
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Slash-fanfiksjon.
Lengde: Ca 700 ord.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Spleis: Dean Wincester/Sam Wincester.
Tagger: Wincest, vampyr-AU, vold, runking og angst.
Pekepinn: “Sam hadde ikke lyst til å kjempe uansett.”

På / På AO3

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(Mini) Fic: A Perfect Moment of Transgression - Hemlock Grove

August 18th, 2013 (12:46 pm)

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Title: A Perfect Moment of Transgression
Genre: Slash fanfiction.
Length: Ca 250 words.
Fandom: Hemlock Grove.
Pairing: Roman Godfrey/Peter Rumancek.
Tags: Light Angst, Schmoop, Bodily Fluids, Spoilers, Smut.
Summary: Roman can almost see the pulse: the warm, thudding flow of blood all through Peter’s body, so close, so warm…
Author’s note: Unbetaed, with hints of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

On / On AO3.

ETA: A little flesh for the bones:
Eyeing hard

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The Ø's adventures in the US

Hi good people, please have some free and totally uninvited advice: Do not use Ø to be trendy in English if you're targeting an international audience!

Lately, I've seen several brands originating in the US, misusing the Scandinavian letter Ø in their brand names and their promotional texts. Do they think the Ø is another O with added coolness? What is the deal with this trend?

The reason why this doesn't work very well is that the Ø represents a distinct sound that doesn't resemble O all that much. It is actually much closer to the E in NERD or the U in DISTURBING. And when you read it with its right sound (that is not me in the video btw, just someone else who have seen the need), every "cleverly" misspelled word sounds RETARDED! ØØØRGH!


It is møre than a little hilariøus tøø, øf cøurse.

PS: Oh, and I'm back from vacation, obviously. Expect more posts. :D

ETA: More examples, thanks to you gals!:
Zerø Høur - the recent tv series (from oneiriad)
Ørigins - the Silent Hill game (from scabby_foot)

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